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Why Sell to Us?

Do you want to avoid foreclosure?  Are you going through a divorce?  Do you need to move quickly? Are you stuck in an upside down mortgage?  Is there a lien against your property?  To Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC, it doesn’t matter whether you are living in the property, you are renting it out, it is vacant, or if it is uninhabitable.  We help owners who own an unwanted property, have a vacant house they no longer want, are behind on payments, owe liens, have downsized and are unable to sell, have a property that needs repairs that they can NOT pay for (even fire damaged), or have bad rental tenants.  We strive to help homeowners just like you to solve their real estate nightmares and move on with their lives.

At Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we work differently.   We will provide you an offer on your house within 48 hours of your contacting us and can close when you want to close.  If the house is in a horrible state and you do NOT want to (or can NOT) fix it up... NO problem, we will deal with it for you.  If you need to be rid of the property quickly, we can close in as little as 7 days because we do NOT rely on traditional bank financing, but rather, we pay cash for the houses we buy.

Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC, can:
  • Stop Foreclosure, Make Up Back Payments, and Buy Your House
  • Buy Your House AS-IS, so you do NOT have to fix a thing, NO Contingencies Whatsoever
  • Buy Your Income Property Even if Your Tenant is NOT Paying
  • Help Settle an Estate if Your Property is an Inheritance
  • Facilitate a Short Sale and get You Money to Relocate if Your Property is Upside Down
  • Buy Houses with Code Violations so You Do NOT have to Deal with Bringing the Property Up to Code
  • Open with the Escrow Account with the Title Company and Coordinate to Pay for Everything
  • Pay to Evict Bad Tenants and/or even Family Members
  • Close on the Date Your Choose
  • Advance Money for Probates, including the Attorney's Fees
  • Eliminate the Need for Contractors
  • Take Over Payments
  • Help You Rebuild Your Credit
  • Eliminate the Need to Wait to Attract and Qualify a Buyer

Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC takes away all your hassles from the selling process.  We handle everything to make your life easier.    We offer this service completely free of charge; there are NO fees or commissions for you to pay.   You are under NO obligation to  accept our offer.  We will make the entire process as simple and stress-free for you as possible and we will do this discreetly.  You have nothing to lose by contacting us.   We want to help you.
The common thread between all clients that sell their houses with Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC, is the need to sell a house quickly to an honest homebuyer that will ensure a fast, hassle-free sale.  Remember, we are professional house buyers who look for win/win solutions. You will be happy with the outcome!