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How We Might Help

Real Estate problems you might be dealing with, that we might be able to help solve:

Property values are being dragged down because of an unsightly abandoned house in your neighborhood.
  • Let us know about the property, whether you know how to contact the owner or not, and we might be able to purchase the home and fix it up to meet or exceed the value of the rest of the area.

You own a rental property but simply don't want to deal with the hassles of tenants, collecting rents, ***maintaning*** or modernizng the property any longer.
  • We might be able to upgrade the property to a more modern condition for you.
  • We could simply purchase the property from you, and take care of the cleaning, repairs or upgrading instead of you.

You have fallen on hard times and simply can't afford your property taxes or mortgage payments any longer.
  • Rather than allow your house to be foreclosed on for property taxes or mortgage default destroying your credit and preventing you from purchasing another house for years to come, you might be able to sign the property over to us and have us take over your payments.
  • We might be able to purchase the property from you for what you still owe, possibly giving you enough money for a downpayment on a new place to live, depending upon equity in your current property.

You have too small a down payment and poor credit, therefore don't qualify for a conventional loan from a bank to purchase a property.
  • Using that small down payment, we might be able to offer you a lease on one of the houses we've already fixed with an option to purchase at the end of a year.  We work  with a reputable credit repair services company (Financial Education Services, FES for short) which can help to get you qualified to make that purchase when the time comes.
  • Please visit to view a quick 10 minute video ("FES Protection Plan") that explains more about how we can help you repair your credit and get you on the road to purchasing a house in the future.  After watching the video, then visit the following website to read more information on all of the services that are offered to you:   IF the credit repairs services are of interest to you,  contact us.  As agents of FES, we can get you started on repairing your credit.

You have a house in poor condition, but don't want to deal with the hassles of repairing or modernizng the property yourself.
  • We might be able to buy the house in it's current state, and take care of the cleaning, repairs or upgrading instead of you.

You need to move out of state to take care of a sick family member, or to take a new out of state job and you want a quick sale.
  • We might be able to buy the house with cash, or in shorter tme than it would take a traditional home buyer to get a conventional loan from a bank.

You have an IRA or 401K plan, or simply have money to invest but don't like the returns you're currently seeing on your investments.
  • We might have an investment property you'd be interested in purchasing.  See our Rental Property page.
  • You might be interested in an upcoming joint venture for a future project.  See our Contact page.

This is only a beginning list of possible real estate related problems that we might be able to help solve.  If you have a real estate problem, reach out and tell us about it.  We might be able to help you solve it.  Any information you provide to us, we keep confidential, so there really is nothing for you to lose and the potential of everything to gain.