Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC
Real People, Real Solutions
Good for Individuals and Neighborhoods Alike

About Us

Jorax Real Estate Solutions is a real estate investing company based out of Orange County, California.  We are a family owned business that focuses on helping homeowners just like you find real solutions to real problems, no matter what your reason.  It is our hope that what you will find important when working with us is who we are, how we do business, and how we treat you (a troubled homeowner) to make a difference in your life.  We are not real estate agents or brokers; instead we will buy or sell your house directly with no realtor commissions for you to pay.  Or we will rent you a home if you are not currently able to purchase a home and we will work with you to improve your credit so that you will be able to purchase a home in the future. We have been told that we are easy to work with, we are professional, we listen, and we are responsive.  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you directly to help improve your life.

Meet Our Team

Operating Manager - Jim Anastasiadis

Jim is a co-founder and a principle owner of Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC.  He is the visionary behind the growth of this company.  He is an active real estate investor.  He oversees the strategic growth and execution of all deals made with other investors and clients.  He truly cares about people and their situations in life.  He is professional, he listens, and he is responsive to all of our clients.  He handles all the nitty-gritty details of the process to sell your home and make your life easier.

Secretary / Treasurer - Cori Morris

Cori is a co-founder and a principle owner of Jorax Real Estate Solutions, LLC.  She works hard to create lasting relationships with other investors and clients that we do business with.  She is easy to work with and shows great understanding to all clients and the situations that they find themselves in.  She strives to help our clients to improve their lives.

Mission Statement

At Jorax Real Estate Solutions, it is our mission to help homeowners with real estate problems, improve the value of neighborhoods, increase real estate investor portfolios, and help individuals with credit problems.  We are a real estate investing company which means that we buy, sell, and rent homes. We help make your life easier by providing win-win solutions that get you out from under the property that’s giving you headaches.  We take your unwanted, burdensome property (that may need costly repairs in order to sell through traditional means) off your back.  We eliminate the hassle of locating a reliable realtor, signing a six-month listing agreement, having open houses where an unknown number of strangers traipse through your home, and then wait for someone to make an offer to purchase your home, which might fall through because the bank will NOT give them that much of a loan.  We also eliminate the problems of all the stress and time consuming work it takes to sell your property yourself as a For Sale By Owner.  We make the selling of your property quick and easy for you, the homeowner.  After we purchase a property, we fix it up, making any needed repairs, adding to its value and the value of the neighborhood, improving living conditions for everyone.  We are dedicated to improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas that we work in.  If, for some reason, we find that your property is not a fit for us, we will refer you to another company that can help you to sell your home.  We have several properties in our portfolio that we love to share with other investors to help improve their portfolios.  Just ask us for information, and we can provide you with a list of rental properties that we own and are willing to sell to you, another investor.  We also work with a credit repair company that will help you to fix your credit problems that could be the current cause of you having to sell your property or the cause that will NOT allow you to purchase a property.  We are here to help by providing a range of services that meet or surpass our customer’s needs and expectations.  It is our hope that you will feel comfortable doing business with us.